20% of Britain’s Homes Don’t Have Buildings And Contents Insurance – Customers Need To Be Aware Of The Cost Implications For Drainage Issues

A report by Together Mutual Insurance has revealed that 20% of Britain’s homes have no building or contents insurance.

The North East is the most uninsured region with 32% of homes without buildings and contents insurance. The North West doesn’t fare much better with 29% of homes left uninsured.

It may be surprising to find that women are the worst offenders when it comes to leaving their home and its contents unprotected with just 47% bothering to get full home insurance, compared to 56% of men.

These findings come as a report by the world’s biggest insurers reveals that extreme UK weather events are driving up uninsured losses.

Andrew Greatorex operations director at DASA – a national drainage and leak detection specialist to the insurance industry – comments:

“It is essential to have the appropriate insurance in place for your home to ensure you are protected should the worst happen.  If you experience an issue with your drainage it’s not something you can save up to have repaired, it generally has to be rectified with immediate effect.  Some drainage issues can cause damage with a five-figure price tag! 

“Even if your insurance policy does not cover the cost to repair the issues, in many instances the costly area of trace and access will be provided for which will establish the issue to enable you to then pay to get it fixed”


Operations Director, Andrew Greatorex



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